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Puerto Escondido

Meet a paradise on the coast of Oaxaca

Hotel Arcoiris is located on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Oaxaca coast, where you can enjoy a variety of activities such as Surfing, with more beaches and options only minutes far away from the hotel.

If what you are looking for is to have more exposure to the typical foods of Oaxaca , the crafts and the Oaxacan culture, you will find the city center just minutes from the hotel by car.


Hotel Arcoíris , with its central location and wide range of options allows our guests to make the most of one of the jewels of the Oaxacan coast , thus being the perfect place for family vacations , couples, surfers, groups, retreats and weddings. .



Zicatela Beach


Hotel Arcoíris is located on one of the most renowned beaches in the world for the sport of Surfing . Playa Zicatela is known for its excellent waves for this sport, as well as for its beautiful beach and incomparable sunsets that together with its central location make this one of the favorite vacation beaches in the coastal region of Oaxaca .


Marinero Beach


If you are looking for a beach with calmer waters for children, you will find Playa Marinero just minutes from the hotel. Like Playa Zicatela , Playa Marinero has Palapas and gastronomic establishments where you can savor the famous typical dishes of Oaxaca .


Carrizalillo Beach

Known for its charming bay, smaller waves, and surf lessons, Playa Carrizalillo is a 10-minute drive from the hotel and 20 minutes by boat. Due to its secluded and cliffside nature, be prepared to go down and up many steps.


Puerto Angelito


If your desire is to swim with exotic fish, just minutes from the hotel by car, you will find in Puerto Angelito options for diving or snorkeling . This destination also has palapas where you can savor the cuisine of Oaxaca .


Punta Zicatela


For a more bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, La Punta is located to the south of Playa Zicatela . Here you will find restaurants, with international varieties, excellent surfing and classes for beginners. La Punta , as it is called in the area, is a 30-minute walk on the beach from the hotel, and a 10-minute drive.


Surfing was the main reason why Puerto Escondido developed as a destination in the beginning and continues to be a large part of tourism, as well as the soul of the region. As such, Puerto Escondido and its surroundings offer a wide range of options for sports enthusiasts of all levels. If you are looking for cheap beaches to vacation in Mexico where you can develop your skills in surfing , this is your destination.

Low Level / Beginners

If it is of your interest to learn to surf or you have bases in the sport and are looking to develop them, we recommend Playa Carrizalillo and Punta Zicatela just minutes by car from the Hotel Arcoíris . The waves are smooth and perfect for beginners. There are options for private and group classes.

Intermediate level

For sports enthusiasts at this level, beaches like Punta Zicatela or Tierra Blanca (20 minutes by car) are recommended. There are options for private and group classes.

Advanced level

In front of the Hotel Arcoíris , Playa Zicatela , has the biggest waves and they crash near the shore, as such only advanced surfers should try to surf these waves. There are options for private and group classes.

Additional options

Manialtepec Lagoon


For one of the most magical experiences of your life, visit the Laguna de Manialtepec . During the days there are tours of mangroves and their birds, in the afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets of the coastal region of Oaxaca in front of the sea, while enjoying typical dishes of Oaxaca next to a bonfire, and at night you can swim in the phenomenon of bioluminescence, water that lights up when touched or moved, which - if the night is starry - will give an impression of swimming among stars. If swimming is not your preference, you can still appreciate this wonderful phenomenon from the comfort of the boat.



Known for its resorts, the Huatulco beaches are just 93km away, a scenic drive by car. Along the way you will come across beautiful waterfalls and the Huatulco National Park , with its unspoiled beaches and nature.

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