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Puerto escondido Oaxaca hotel arcoiris
Hotel Arcoiris Puerto Escondido Oaxaca

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Hotel in Puerto Escondido Arcoiris

hotel en puerto escondido hotel arcoiris


Facing the sea, surrounded by trees and gardens, in the heart of Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca is the Hotel Arcoíris . With its central location, the hotel is the perfect place to stay and make the most of your vacation in one of the most precious destinations on the Oaxacan coast, where you can relax, enjoy, adventure and escape from daily life, creating indelible memories in the magical and picturesque emerald coast.

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hotel arcoiris puerto escondido oaxaca

Hotel Arcoíris is the ideal beach destination for your vacations. Internationally known for its trajectory as well as for its ties to surfing , the hotel offers its guests a privileged place facing the sea, with warm sands, and majestic sunsets.

With colonial-influenced architecture, our hotel has the restaurant / bar " La Galera ", located on the 3rd floor with open-air service, thus making maximum use of its spectacular view, and available for Breakfast Included in the rooms, classes culinary and events which can also be held in the hotel's multipurpose room adjusting to your preferences.



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Located in Playa Zicatela , Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico , Hotel Arcoíris is a 7-minute drive from Puerto Escondido International Airport .

Although our Hotel is on the largest beach in Puerto Escondido , known worldwide for its waves, surf, the beauty of its beach and beautiful sunsets; You will discover that there is a great selection of beaches around you, each one with special characteristics and minutes from the hotel thanks to its central location.

Hotel arcoiris puerto escondido oaxaca vacaciones

The History Of The Hotel Arcoiris

In the 1970s, the founders of the Hotel Arcoíris , Robert and Cecile Crowe, on one of their trips to Puerto Escondido , landed their little plane on the beach in search of adventure and the perfect wave.


As there were no roads to get to Playa Zicatela , they climbed the rocks until they reached a place they saw from the plane and made camp for the weekend. It was love at first sight. The spectacular surf and unforgettable sunsets took them by surprise and they immediately felt a deep love for Puerto Escondido . In no time, his desire to share that special place and its wild beauty with other people would become the Hotel Arcoíris , his paradise on the beach, and one of the first hotels on Zicatela Beach . Today the Hotel Arcoíris , named after the beautiful rainbow that the founders saw on the day of their arrival, has several decades on it, which have only increased the love for the place and the commitment of the owners to maintain said beauty. in honor of Robert Crowe, and for future generations of tourists and surfers in search of relaxation and the perfect wave.

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